Applicator Solutions

Application Control

Application control starts with being able to control the products that you are applying. With Field IQ we can control anything whether it be liquid systems or seeding systems. We can control products in real time with equipment such as Weed Seeker and Green Seeker. With these products we can produce maps of application and vigor of crops.

Variable Rate Nitrogen Tab

The GreenSeeker® crop sensing system is a variable rate application and crop vigor mapping system that offers a more efficient and precise way to manage crop inputs such as nitrogen. The system verifies in real-time the amount of nitrogen the soil has made available using complex agronomic calculations called NDVI. The GreenSeeker system then determines a fertilizer prescription for instant application so that you are applying the right amount of nutrients needed by the plant at the right time.

Sprayer Records

Allow up to help you keep track of all “as-applied” maps. Traceability is becoming increasingly more important. Never lose any application records by using Trimble Ag Software data management.


Our agronomic experts can identify any disease of pest that may threaten the health of your crop. We are able and willing to be in the field as often as needed. All scouting reports are documented in Trimble Ag Software.

In Season Imagery

Landsat and sentinel satellites allow us to observe subtle changes in a crop several days before the naked eye can detect them. 30-meter resolution gives you the confidence to know where to focus for valuable ground truthing.