Data Management

Yield Monitor Calibration

​To optimize your precision agriculture investments you must have good yield monitor data, but that may require a calibration. We offer to calibrate your yield monitor by checking:

  • Mass Flow Sensor

  • Moisture Sensor

  • Lag Time Setting

  • Header Position Setting

  • Distance Traveled Measurement

  • Header Cut Width Setting

Yield Maps

By using Trimble yield monitoring or Precision Planting Yield Sense we can create yield maps for your farming operation. This will give you the data that will help you determine which areas you need to focus on so you can improve your yields in the upcoming years.

Office Sync

Office Sync utilizes wireless technology to send and receive data files between the office and field. Guidance lines, yield data, variable rate application maps, coverage maps, and other data files can be transferred safely without a USB flash drive. Wireless data transfer allows quicker access to vital information about your fields so that decisions can be made in a timely manner.

Profitability Analysis

We help you analyze the data from your precision investments to show cost of unit production. This allows us to work with you to make management plans and decisions for the upcoming year.

Variety Comparison

Allow us to assess and compare the different types of seed that you are using. After we analyze these comparisons, we will help you determine which seeds fit your land and farming operation best so you can save money and produce higher yields.

Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation Scheduling is an important aspect of irrigation water management during the growing season. Weather variability, differences in soil water holding capacity and the change in crop water use with growth all play a part in good water management. Vantage Northwest can help you get the most of the world’s most precious commodity-water.

Tissue Sampling

Plant analysis is critical to improving crop nutrition and yield. Only plant analysis can identify the actual nutrient status of a plant or crop. While soil testing identifies the nutrients offered to the crop, plant analysis identifies how well the plants are utilizing soil and applied nutrients. Plant analysis allows the crop or plant to tell us what nutrition it lacks.

Premium Weather

We use growing degree days to help you assess your crops development. This will give you a better idea of things such as when to apply nitrogen, chemicals, and when your crops will reach maturity.