Planting Solutions

Planter Checks

Vantage Northwest offers planter checks before each planting season to insure that your planters are ready to perform in the field. Also, doing this each year will prevent you from wasting your valuable time during planting season . Examples of things that we check are listed below:

  • Sprockets

  • Chains

  • Drive systems

  • Clean Meters

  • Inflate tires properly

  • Inspect openers

  • Check closing wheels

Meter Testing

We offer meter testing for your planter with our Precision Planting meter testing stand that we have in our office. Our goal is to completely do away with planter skips and double plants. We want to make sure that the meters on your planter are performing like they should be. 

Variable Rate Seeding

With Precision Planting vDrive or the Trimble Field-IQ system, you can plant exactly what you want, where you want it.

  • Single row control

  • Adjust your seed population manually or using a prescription

As-Applied Maps

Geospatial documentation of application rates as they relate to seed, crop protection products, soil fertility products brings clear insight to efficiency. We provide you with the hardware to create these valuable maps.

Singulation and Uniform Emergence

Turn to Precision Planting for ideal singulation and uniform emergence solutions.

  • vSet meter Drop one seed at a time, every time. vSet meters can handle any seed size or shape without tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings. 

  • DeltaForce Replace springs or air bags on your planter with hydraulic cylinders for pressure control on each individual row. Each row adjusts pressure independently, so your down force matches field conditions and plants seed at just the right depth for maximum yield.