TruCount Products

Key Features

  • The Tru Count Air Clutch® eliminates seed overlap in your headlands and point rows
  • Tru Count LiquiBlock™ valves eliminate liquid fertilizer overlap
  • Compatible with the TMX-2050™, FmX®, and CFX-750™ displays and a variety of other guidance displays

Tru Count Air Clutches and LiquiBlock valves deliver superior performance for all your planting and spraying applications.  They allow you to start and stop the flow of seed and fertilizer in real-time from the vehicle cab. With almost instant activation or deactivation, there is no lag time in your operation and both work seamlessly with the Field-IQ™ crop input control system.


Tru Count Air Clutches

  • Eliminate double planting in headlands and point rows
  • Deliver increased yields
  • Eliminate wasted seed costs
  • Can be easily added to control additional sections


Tru Count LiquiBlock valves